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Effective Diode Laser Hair Removal Services | Parashar skin clinic
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Diode laser hair removal is a hair removal technique used to reduce the amount of hair growth, and keep it from growing back. Diode laser hair removal relies on light energy to penetrate hair follicles, and significantly reduce hair growth. During the procedure, Dr. Rishi at Parashar Skin Clinic, New Delhi, targets the melanin in the hair and directs heat energy from a laser to the follicles. This process effectively disables the follicles from growing again.

How Does Diode Laser Hair Removal Differ from Other Laser Hair Removal Methods?

The major difference between Diode laser and other laser hair removal methods is the depth and width of penetration. Diode laser has a deeper penetration level, up to 1-2mm, and is narrower than other laser hair removal methods.

This deeper level allows Dr. Rishi to target the root of the hair, and limit the treatment area, allowing for better precision and reducing the risk of side effects. The heat generated by the laser will disable the hair follicles from producing hair, for more consistent results.

What Are the Advantages of Diode Laser Hair Removal?

Diode lasers offer several advantages over other forms of hair removal. They are effective on all parts of the body, including sensitive areas such as the face and bikini line. They can treat larger areas faster than other lasers, and do not require multiple sessions to achieve maximum results. The procedure takes a few minutes per session and is relatively painless with no downtime required, allowing patients to resume their daily activities soon after. Diode lasers also require less maintenance than other lasers, as there is no need to replace gels and disposable filters.

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Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Diode Laser Hair Removal?

Diode laser hair removal is suitable for almost any area of the body however, the ideal candidate would be someone who can present with large areas of hair growth, which would require a larger treatment area with increased coverage. Patients who are pregnant, breastfeeding, suffer from severe acne, have recent tanning or taking skin medication are not suitable candidates.

What Areas of the Body Can Be Treated with Diode Laser Hair Removal?

Diode laser hair removal is well-suited for any area of the body, including the face, legs, arms, underarms, back, chest, and bikini area. Dr. Rishi at Parashar Skin Clinic, New Delhi is well-qualified to provide diode laser hair removal treatments on any area of the body that is suitable for the patient.

What Should Patients Expect During a Diode Laser Hair Removal Session?

The diode laser hair removal procedure starts with Dr. Rishi deciding on the treatment area. Dr. Rishi will then begin to target the area with light energy from the laser. During the procedure, patients may experience a mild, pleasant tingling sensation but no significant pain or discomfort. The procedure is then followed by a cooling of the skin with a cold fan or gel to reduce any possible irritation. Each treatment typically takes 15-20 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area.

How Many Sessions Are Typically Required for Optimal Results with Diode Laser Hair Removal?

This can vary depending on the patient’s hair density, texture, and the size of the treatment area. To ensure optimal results, most patients would receive anywhere from three to seven treatments over the span of four to nine months. Some will see results in fewer treatments and patients with lighter hair may require more treatments to obtain desired results.

Are There Any Side Effects or Risks Associated with Diode Laser Hair Removal?

Diode laser hair removal is generally safe and side effects are rare. Most patients experience mild redness and swelling of the skin, but they usually resolve within a few hours. Some may also experience temporary darkening of the skin, but this too will fade in a few weeks. However, Dr. Rishi will carefully assess the patient before the procedure to evaluate any risk factors.

Preparing for Diode Laser Hair Removal: What Patients Should Know

Before your diode hair removal treatment, Dr. Rishi at Parashar Skin Clinic, New Delhi advises patients to avoid sun exposure and excess sweating, and not tweeze or thread their skin for at least one month prior to the treatment.

Additionally, Dr. Rishi may recommend certain pre-treatment medications, such as a topical anesthetic cream or pills. Patients may also be asked to stop using anticoagulants a week before the procedure, for better results and prevention of complications.

Post-Treatment Care and Maintenance for Diode Laser Hair Removal

After diode laser hair removal, Dr. Rishi recommends avoiding sun exposure for a few days post-treatment, and wearing sunscreen when stepping out in the sun. Additionally, Dr. Rishi will advise the patient to not use deodorants for 24 hours and may recommend moisturizing the treatment area frequently.

It is essential for some period of time not to consider any other hair removal techniques to allow diode laser to work for best results.


Ready for Smooth, Hair-Free Skin?

For a truly hair-free body, book Dr. Rishi ’s appointment for diode laser hair removal at Parashar Skin Clinic, New Delhi now. The experienced personnel at Parashar Skin Clinic will customize a diode laser session just for you that is safe and effective. Get ready to flaunt the smooth and silky-skin you’ve always desired!

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DIODE Laser Hair Removal

Dr. Rishi Parashar

MBBS, MD Dermatology

Dr. Rishi Parashar is a distinguished dermatologist with an impressive academic background and 25 years of experience in the field. He earned his MBBS degree from SMS Medical College, Jaipur, affiliated with the University of Rajasthan, in 1994.
His relentless pursuit of knowledge led him to achieve an MD in Dermatology from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, in 1998. With his vast experience, Dr. Parashar combines his extensive education with a passion for dermatology to provide top-notch care to his patients.
Additionally, he holds the esteemed position of Co-chairman in the Department of Dermatology at Delhi's prestigious Sir Gangaram Hospital.

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